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CELLRoll, our recyclable film solution!

CELLRoll is our range of recyclable plastic packaging film. Environmentally friendly, our CELLRolls have been designed to guarantee circular economy!


High barrier properties, without bisphenol A, reduced thickness, adapted to current packaging machines and suitable for polypropylene or mono A-PET trays for lidding, our CELLRolls have many assets!


Technology, quality and recyclability are the key words for our sustainable CELLRoll. Available in reels, our recyclable CELLRoll films are perfect for packaging applications in the form of liddings, top film or bags. CELLRoll leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to recyclability!



Let's talk about suitable products!


CELLRoll is made for sliced cheese and cold meats, as are crisps and savoury products for aperitifs, all kinds of meats for your BBQ, herbs and culinary products for salad dressings or breads and baguettes to accompany your meals! Our recyclable plastic film is here to help you make the transition to ecological packaging, to have sustainable and responsible solutions everywhere in our fridges ans shelfs.


In addition to all savoury products, sweet products are also suitable: bags for cereals, dried fruit, sweets, cakes, chocolates... All delicacies are allowed with CELLRoll! Let's work together on a CELLRoll solution for your products!


Are you interested in our recyclable CELLRoll plastic film? Would you like to know whether our CELLRoll can be used to wrap your products? Do you have any other questions? Then don't hesitate to contact us, our teams will be happy to answer you!