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The environment, our commitment to the future

Working towards a future that’s good for the environment, good for customers, good for consumers. 

We are determined to do our job and put our commitment to sustainable development and environment friendliness into practice.

The environment, our commitment to the future

Efficient recycling plays a key role in the success of the circular economy. To achieve it, tight coordination is essential throughout the value chain. The CEFLEX project brings companies together throughout the value chain and creates solutions for flexible packaging in recycling management. We are now a member of CEFLEX.

This organisation's objectives are:

·         To develop a European infrastructure for collecting, sorting and processing flexible packaging waste

·         To draft directives for designing flexible packaging and specific system design solutions


Alongside us, over 30 European companies are partners in this forward-looking project - suppliers of raw materials, processors, brands, retailers, waste collectors, sorters and recyclers.

Our commitment to CEFLEX is a logical step on the road to a responsible future.


With the well-being of consumers in mind, all our recyclable products are certified by European organisations to guarantee compliance with environmental, quality and recyclability requirements. 

The environment