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Stand-up pouches by BBC CELLPACK Packaging

Stand-up pouches, modern, sustainable form of packaging 

Want a product that combines technology and contemporary design? BBC CELLPACK Packaging's pouches meet that challenge!   

Stand-up pouches by BBC CELLPACK Packaging

The recipe for a successful stand-up pouch? Being useful AND easy to use. BBC CELLPACK drink pouches are designed for adaptability: the pace of modern life means consumers want modern packaging to match their lifestyle.  

That's why we have created these adaptable stand-up pouches. To start with, they come in a wide variety of sizes: from easily transportable pocket size to family pack size. Several closure options are available: zip, standard spout or spout with child-safe caps.


Advantages of BBC Cellpack Packaging pouches:

·         Made in Europe

·         Longer shelf life

·         High barrier properties

·         Compatible with the pasteurisation process

·         Reliable quality

·         Delivered on rails

·         For a more natural touch: our paper pouch


Our stand-up pouches are suited to all kinds of contents, and are ideal for many types of food products: fruit compotes and purees, confectionery, cheeses and dairy products, dry foods and more. They can also be used for non-food products: cosmetics and personal care products such as shampoos and shower gels as well as home care products. An ingenious and endlessly customisable product!

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CELLPouch ®️ - the recyclable stand-up pouch 


CELLPouch ®️ Fruity

Small in size, but big on innovation, CELLPouch ®️ Fruity is a winning mix of different technologies. In fact, this high barrier stand-up spouted pouch is the only one on the market to be recyclable. A sustainable product that's good for you. 

Its barrier properties and child safe cap make the CELLPouch ®️ Fruity the perfect choice for baby foods, fruit purees and yoghurts. From compotes to dairy products, our recyclable CELLPouch Fruity bottle is an ally in your daily life.

Expertise recognised with a European recyclability certificate by Circpack.Suez


CELLPouch ®️ Fruity product benefits: 

·         Recyclable

·         High barrier properties, suitable for hot filling

·         High mechanical resistance

·         Child safe anti-swallow cap

·         Coloured caps

·         Range of sizes

·         Customisable design

·         Raised logo


CELLPouch ®️ Fruity, designed to protect the planet and consumers' health: a recyclable, environment friendly drinks pouch. So it’s perfectly suited to baby foods, but also to cosmetics and personal and home care products with our CELLPouch Cosmetic version.

 CELLPouch ®️ on video? It's over here!

CELLPouch ®️ Sweety

Practical and light, it fits the lifestyle of today's consumers. CELLPouch® Sweety is suitable for sweet and dry products and its advantages will satisfy your expectations and those of your consumers in terms of packaging. 


Its advantages:

·         Recyclable due to its monomaterial structure

·         Easy opening

·         Easy to carry thanks to its handle

·         Protects your products from moisture, light and oxygen

·         A ZIP to extend gourmet pleasures

·         A suitable format for shareable delicacies

·         Your products are highlighted thanks to our high-quality rotogravure printing


CELLPouch® Sweety, the recyclable pouch for sweets and other treats!


CELLPouch ®️ Paper

CELLPouch Paper strengthens our CELLPouch product range. Mainly made of paper, an eco-responsible and renewable raw material, CELLPouch Paper is recyclable. With its ZIP closure, freshness and conservation of your products are guaranteed. Suitable for both sweet and dry products, our new recyclable stand-up pouch will meet your requirements in terms of eco-responsible packaging and will appeal to your consumers in search of responsible consumption.

CELLPouch ® Paper product benefits:

·         Renewable raw materials

·         Moisture, light and oxygen barrier

·         Recyclable thanks to its high paper ratio

·         Long-term product conservation

·         Customisable and paper ratio suitable for all products

CELLPouch Paper? An innovation that combines naturalness, convenience and barrier properties!

CELLPouch ® Beauty

With CELLPouch ® Beauty, we ensure you to bring you responsible consumption into your bathroom. Designed for the cosmetics market, our recyclable stand-up pouch is perfectly suited for eco-refills of soap, shampoo, hair conditioner and other cosmetic liquids. Recyclable, made from a mono material, light and practical, our cosmetic pouch will meet the expectations of your consumers.

What's more? It is also suitable for the home care sector: detergents, softeners, floor and window care products. Our CELLPouch ® Beauty is the responsible partner for home care. Various formats are available to make our pouch fit in with consumers' daily lives.

The + CELLPouch ® Beauty :

·         Recyclable

·         75% less plastics

·         Resistance properties

·          Ecodesigned refillable pouch

·         Easy to open

CELLPouch ® Beauty, our eco-refillable pouch for cosmetics and home care products, your everyday recyclable partner!

CELLPouch ®️
Good for the environment,
Good for customers,
Good for consumers!

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