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BBC CELLPACK Packaging Printing Tools

When appearance stimulates the sense of touch and reassures consumers. 

Design, finesse and precision - the printing on the packaging is key to the image your product conveys.

Printing: rotogravure and flexography by BBC CELLPACK Packaging

We are aware how important it is to make a strong visual impact and that's why we bring you two high-performance technologies: rotogravure and flexographic printing. Both are precision techniques that guarantee a quality result.



 ·         A choice of technologies to match your requirements

 ·         Sharp printing

 ·         Up to 10 different colours

 ·         Print effects: matt, gloss, raised effect


In addition, our site in Lauterecken, specialized in flexography, has been certified "HD Flexo" by Esko. This new certification, HD-Flexo, is a quality boost for flexographic printing. HD flexo technology combines high resolution 4000 dpi optics with excellent screen technology, which has already proven to be an ideal process for this type of flexo printing. This unique combination consists of more pixels, which means that text, images, color gradients, halftones, and contrasts are displayed more accurately.

The customer's gaze only lingers on the products on the shelf for a few seconds. That's all the time you have to make that fateful impression and seal the customer's decision to buy. In that short time, they will be influenced by many factors, including design, colour and quality.  Our teams are here to help and advise you throughout the graphic design phase: from the creation of your design through to printing on the machine.


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