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BBC CELLPACK Packaging Certifications

Our daily task? To make sure quality and safety go hand in hand for the benefit of our customers!

Customer satisfaction relies on the quality and safety on the products. Our flexible packaging products meet all the standards and benefit from multiple certifications, guaranteeing quality and safety for our customers and the end consumer.


Certifications :

 ·         BRC GS - BBC CELLPACK Packaging Certification

 ·         ISO 9001 for our sites in Illfurth and Lauterecken

 ·         FSC for our sites in Illfurth and Langgöns

 ·         PEFC for our site in Langgöns

 ·         ISO 50 001 for our site in Lauterecken 

 ·         HD Flexo for our site in Lauterecken 


We are committed in everything we do every day to producing packaging that meets all these quality standards. 

We are also a member of SEDEX, CEFLEX and Ecovadis: to produce while respecting our values and the world around us, this is our ambition!

Protecting consumers' health and the planet is a value dear to our organisation. We are constantly expanding our range of recyclable and eco-designed products - and winning new certifications!

Another step on the road to sustainable packaging that’s good for the environment, good for the customer and good for the consumer.