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BBC CELLPACK Packaging Certifications

Our daily task? To make sure quality and safety go hand in hand for the benefit of our customers!

Customer satisfaction relies on the quality and safety on the products. Our flexible packaging products meet all the standards and benefit from multiple certifications, guaranteeing quality and safety for our customers and the end consumer.


Certifications :

 ·         BRC GS - BBC CELLPACK Packaging Certification

 ·         ISO 9001 for our sites in Illfurth and Lauterecken

 ·         FSC ® for our sites in Illfurth and Langgöns

 ·         PEFC for our site in Langgöns

 ·         ISO 50 001 for our site in Lauterecken 

 ·         HD Flexo for our site in Lauterecken 


We are committed in everything we do every day to producing packaging that meets all these quality standards. 

We are also a member of SEDEX, CEFLEX and Ecovadis: to produce while respecting our values and the world around us, this is our ambition!

In 2022, we received the Gold Award from Ecovadis, proof of our commitment to quality and respect for regulations.


Some details on our certifications:

ISO 9001: The ISO 9001 standard gives the organisational requirements for the existence of a quality management system. It provides companies with a framework that allows a systematic approach to managing their processes in order to regularly produce products (and services) that meet the expectations of their customers... so satisfied!

ISO 50001: ISO 50001 certification attests to responsible and reasoned energy management. This standard presents the necessary conditions to enable all companies to obtain an energy management system that would allow them to improve their energy performance.

BRCGS: This is a standard concerning food safety within a company. This is a standard for food safety within a company that ensures production in accordance with hygiene, traceability and quality standards.

FSC: The Forest Stewardship Council label guarantees consumers that their FSC-certified products come from sustainably managed forests.

PEFC: PEFC certification, the European Programme for Forest Certification, guarantees that the wood and paper materials used come from forests that are managed sustainably according to precisely defined rules region by region.

HD FLEXO: HD Flexo certification by Esko recognises companies that have excellent printing quality and high-precision optics, which allow for very good definition of graphics.

Ceflex: CEFLEX is the collaborative initiative of a European consortium of companies representing the entire flexible packaging value chain.

Sedex: It is an organisation where members follow norms and standards in the areas of labour law, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

Ecovadis: This is a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment service: Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing.


Protecting consumers' health and the planet is a value dear to our organisation. We are constantly expanding our range of recyclable and eco-designed products - and winning new certifications!

Another step on the road to sustainable packaging that’s good for the environment, good for the customer and good for the consumer.