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#CELLPACKAdventure, the blog of BBC CELLPACK Packaging news


CELLNat, nature invites itself into your home!

Today, to be trendy, you have to live as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainability and recyclability are the order of the day. Even more than a trend, respect for the environment has become a global concern, a worldwide concern,...more


​​​​​​​Customer service makes sense!

Customer service makes sense! BBC CELLPACK has had a product and customer-oriented approach for many years. In 2020, we decided to go even further by reshaping our organisation towards a customer-centric strategy. What is...more


A message to our customers

A message to our customers Recent and rapid developments with regard to raw materials are creating unforeseeable supply challenges that are impacting the packaging industry. BBC CELLPACK Packaging has created this page to...more


Moving forward with innovation

"Innovation fascinates, interrogates and questions itself. Innovation builds and builds itself. "Lina Alami. In a world in perpetual renewal, innovation is a growth key for companies. It enables them to adapt to the...more


NEW! CELLPouch ® Sweety, our new recyclable pouch!

The CELLPouch® range is growing! Stand-Up Pouches are known for their modernity and durability  With our CELLPouch® range, we go even further! Have you heard about "sugar bashing"? It is a phenomenon that the...more


Our Research for the future

The 7th continent, we have all heard about it at least once. This sea of floating waste, the result of human activity, is an ecological disaster for humanity and our planet. By 2050, if we don't act to change the trend, there...more