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Breaking news!

BBC CELLPACK Packaging, a major player in Europe’s flexible packaging market, acquires ABS Packmittel GmbH, a German company specialising in the production of cushion pads and embossed papers. BBC CELLPACK Packaging is extending...more


Our precautionary measures against COVID-19

Dear Business Partner, In the social and health situation of great concern, it is our duty to give you an update on all the security and health measures that we have activated, both to protect company resources as much as...more


Dare to Paper & Break the habit!

Paper packaging is the ideal alternative to plastic packaging. Breaking old habits with eco-responsible paper packaging reflects your commitment to natural materials, new attitudes and new recycling opportunities.  Why...more


An innovation that will amaze you!

BBC CELLPACK Packaging is continuing to develop its range of sustainable packaging. The latest new product? CELLRoll Lidding, the complexed 100% recyclable film, which has just been added to the family of green products already...more