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#CELLPACKAdventure, the blog of BBC CELLPACK Packaging news


CELLRoll, our recyclable film solution!

CELLRoll is our range of recyclable plastic packaging film. Environmentally friendly, our CELLRolls have been designed to guarantee circular economy! High barrier properties, without bisphenol A, reduced thickness, adapted to...more


Thinking today to find tomorrow's solutions. 

Research and Development (R&D) is a fundamental discipline for a company. It covers the functions of research, creation, development and implementation. The objective is to design new products and/or services to improve and...more


Milky Way for CELLPouch Fruity!

Milky Way for CELLPouch Fruity! You already knew about our recyclable pouch for fruit compotes and purees? Well, did you know that it is also suitable for dairy products? A milky way for our CELLPouch Fruity, where yoghurt,...more


CELLPads in pure form!

CELLPads in pure form! Spring is here! Finally!  Spring is here! Finally! & with it come its set of flowers, colours, singing birds and above all, its set of good moods.    Spring is the energy of...more


Certified commitments

Certified commitments Committed to sustainable development and quality products? Yes, but not in just any way! In fact, what is sustainable development? Sustainable development is "development that meets the needs of the...more


New option for CELLNat Crunchy!

« Let's get off the beaten track, the grass never grows on the road where everyone passes.» To innovate, you have to leave your comfort zone, dare to see bigger and further; this is the key to success and entrepreneurship....more


Responsible beauty!

Responsible beauty, or how recyclability is coming to the cosmetics market! Nowadays everyone is impacted by sustainable development and environmental issues. Bio products, local products, products packaged with recycled...more


CELLNat, nature invites itself into your home!

Today, to be trendy, you have to live as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainability and recyclability are the order of the day. Even more than a trend, respect for the environment has become a global concern, a worldwide concern,...more