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Packaging film, practical solutions for your products! 

Film is ubiquitous in food packaging and BBC CELLPACK Packaging manufactures exactly the products you need.  

Advantages of BBC Cellpack Packaging laminated films

BBC CELLPACK Packaging laminated films combine inventiveness and innovation. They are designed to protect their content without fail, whilst offering shelf appeal thanks to their print quality.

Our laminated or mono-structure films are suitable for a wide range of products including cheese, cooked meats, fresh meat, confectionery, snack and bakery products, and ready-to-use fresh products. A wide range of contents that require a high degree of adaptability to today's consumer expectations.


Advantages of BBC Cellpack Packaging laminated films:

·         Longer shelf life

·         Barrier properties

·         Easy opening

·         Re-sealable to keep products fresh for longer

·         Transparent or opaque


Supplied on rolls, ideal for:

·         Lidding films

·         Flow wrapping

·         Bags

·         Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) production lines


Learn about our expertise  and our other products & and contact us for any questions!

CELLRoll: Recyclable film  


CELLRoll is our new recyclable range, respectful of consumers and the planet. This film packagings are suitable to create sustainable, ethical & recyclable packaging. 


CELLRoll product benefits: 

·         Recyclable 

·         Barrier properties 

·         Can be used on existing packaging machines 

·         Can be used for lidding on polypropylene or mono-APET trays 

·         Easy opening


Expertise recognised with a European recyclability certificate. 


Good for the environment,
Good for customers,
Good for consumers!


BBC CELLPACK Packaging – Packaging for a better future.