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Thinking today to find tomorrow's solutions. 

Research and Development (R&D) is a fundamental discipline for a company. It covers the functions of research, creation, development and implementation. The objective is to design new products and/or services to improve and diversify a company's business portfolio. In short, R&D enables continuous improvement and the creation of innovation.


Innovation is an important part of our business. We believe in sustainable development, and this inevitably involves the creation of responsible innovations and therefore a good R&D department.


Innovation in our company


At BBC CELLPACK Packaging, our R&D department is called the product development service because our team is focused on creating new products for our company. In addition to CELLPACK's innovations, the team supports our customers in their development by establishing a functional analysis of their specifications, allowing us to propose solutions adapted to their needs and then supporting them during the various qualification phases.


Our product development team is made up of 8 talented people, including 2 apprentices. Thanks to them, many innovations have been created, in particular our four ranges of recyclable packaging: CELLPouch for pre-formed pouches, CELLNat for paper packaging, CELLRoll for film packaging and CELLPads for cushions pads.


How do we work? In start-up mode, interdepartmental projects, in order to mix ideas and find THE innovative, ideal, different packaging solutions, always in line with sustainable development. Several projects are in progress: barrier paper, sealing paper, large format pouch... We'll tell you more in the coming months!


Watch our video on sustainable innovations in our company:- 




Did you know ?


Our company, BBC CELLPACK Packaging, is a member of the MICROPAP consortium. This is a professional organisation that brings together manufacturers of coated papers for food packaging. Innovation and sustainable development are important to us and it is in this context that we joined this team more than 15 years ago.


The role of the MICROPAP consortium is to find innovative, high technology and environmentally responsible paper packaging solutions and to ensure their development, promotion and technological evolution. This organisation is made up of experts in the sector: paper manufacturer, paraffin producer, converters who coat and print paper. Together we can move forward to find recyclable, responsible, eco-designed, bio-based and high quality packaging solutions.


More information about MICROPAP and its activities? You can find it here: 




All these development projects have one goal: to find the future packaging solutions to ensure that our company is dynamic, competitive and modern. The key to success is to work today to find the innovations of tomorrow.


Packaging for a better future!