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The environment, how we work

Manufacturing while protecting the planet

We always keep environment friendliness in mind as we work.   

The environment, how we work

Our environment-oriented packaging solutions

Protecting nature is important for us, and it is with that goal in mind that we have developed a range of recyclable, eco-designed products geared to the circular economy:

 ·         CELLNat

 ·         CELLPouch

 ·         CELLRoll

·          CELLPads

Each range of standard products includes its own range of recyclable products. Meeting your needs while producing packaging as part of a sustainable development process is what our know-how is all about. 

Producing in an environmentally friendly way is important to us and we are committed to meeting our circular economy commitments.

The European Commission Strategy for Plastics requires all plastic packaging in the European Union market to be recyclable by 2030. Our recyclable ranges already meet those recommendations, whilst still offering quality, safety and reliability. In our company, recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging is already a reality.

·         Recyclable packaging

·         Use of DFC inks

·         FSC ® & PEFC certified paper

 ·         Vegetable paper

 ·         Mono-material packaging

 ·         Compostable products

A responsible, sustainable and forward-looking commitment to delivering products that are good for the environment, good for the customer and good for the consumer.


Our Responsible Sourcing

Our entire process is focused on sustainable development. This concept is not only about protecting the environment, it's also about having: 

·         a strategy for the future,

 ·         a system of continuous improvement,

 ·         a responsible procurement policy.


Procurement is central to the running of the company, and implementing a responsible procurement policy is an obvious step and an effective lever in achieving sustainable development. With FSC certification, we have also chosen to work with European suppliers who are geographically close to us, another factor in favour of eco-responsible sourcing.

The Environment