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The environment, a daily concern

Simple actions to protect our planet

Every day, our teams work to protect the environment. 

The environment, a daily concern

Our daily task? To be eco-responsible in everything we do.
For several years already, we have recovered soiled solvents and volatile organic compounds from our machines to distil them and re-use them in our production process.


Sustainable development on a daily basis also means CELL’Tri, our committee that works to improve the management of waste sorting within the company. Sustainable development in our company also means: 

 ·         Sorting office waste paper, plastic bottles and metal cans

 ·         Introducing the use of recycled paper in our administrative departments

 ·         Relying on an eco-responsible system for handling cloths used in production

 ·         A commitment to reduce food waste

 ·         Reducing the carbon footprint of our logistics system


Sustainable development is important to us, and all our day-to-day tasks and actions are aimed at respect for the environment. Our goal is to work together to achieve a 100% clean site.

The environment