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The environment, our ethics

Ethics, a facet of our sustainable development approach.

Our product innovations, our flexible packaging and our company exists thanks to the committed women and men in our organization. We make a daily commitment to our teams to promote equality, create a stable environment and support Human Rights.

Our organization focused on human value

Developing, proposing and manufacturing sustainable packaging solutions is the result of the daily work of committed men and women in our company. Diversity in all its forms is at the heart of our values and strategy.

This cultural diversity is an asset in our organization in terms of efficiency and value creation in the development of our products.
We respect the rights and dignity of all employees and attach the greatest importance to a working environment dominated by mutual trust and respect. Discrimination based on ethnic origin, age, gender, nationality or religion has no place in our company.

Our commitment is to promote employees with equal profiles in all areas of work, but also to ensure the development of their skills and fair salary progression by improving the link between their professional and personal lives. Our Illfurth site publishes its gender equality index at the end of 2023, with a score of 95/100 points. More details: here

This very good result is the result of a policy implemented for several years, particularly in terms of equal pay, and confirms the commitments made through the signature in 2018 of a concrete action plan for gender equality which has enabled the implementation of key measures. We continue to strive for excellence in diversity within our company, and new actions continue to be implemented to improve our results.

The BBC Group strives to offer all staff members a high quality, safe and healthy working environment. We aim to reduce incidences of injury and work-related illness to zero. All our employees are obligated to comply with the safety regulations applicable to their workplace. The safety and well-being of our employees is important for a healthy and sustainable organization.

We respect the internationally recognized human rights and support compliance with these rights. Freedom of opinion and expression among our employees and business partners is important to us and we take particular care to promote it. We categorically reject any form of forced or child labour.

"Packaging for a better future", it's also a human affair.