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Our Company History

The history of the BB Cellpack Packaging adventure 

BBC CELLPACK Packaging in a few key dates that sum up our history and years of experience.  

For more than 80 years, packaging for customers all over the world!

The BBC CELLPACK Packaging Adventure

Our history in a few key dates:

- 1924 : Creation of the company CFS in Illfurth (France)

- 1935: Creation of CELLPACK AG in Wohlen (Switzerland)

- 1952: Creation of the company Adolf Lony KG in Lauterecken (Germany)

- 1952: Creation of the company ABS Packmittel GmbH in Langgöns (Germany)

- 2003: Foundation of Behr Bircher CELLPACK BBC Holding AG

- 2003: Integration of the production site in Lauterecken (Germany)

- 2008: Fusion of CELLPACK AG and CFS Illfurth (France)

- 2018 : Birth of CELLWax

- 2019 : BBC CELLPACK Packaging becomes a member of CEFLEX

- 2019: Creation of CELLPouch and CELLRoll

- 2020 : 2020 : ABS Packmittel GmbH joins the BBC CELLPACK Packaging Group 

- 2021 : Birth of CELLPads

- 2021 : New names for our three production sites, BBC CELLPACK Packaging Illfurth SAS, BBC CELLPACK Packaging Lauterecken GmbH, BBC CELLPACK Packaging Langgöns GmbH


Because what's good for the planet is also good for the consumer, we encourage innovation for a circular economy.

You too, join us in this adventure and discover our commitment to the environment!