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Lamination from BBC CELLPACK Packaging

The key stage in producing flexible packaging 

Laminating is a high-tech process that requires know-how and skill - and an important advantage in making your packaging products.

Lamination by BBC CELLPACK Packaging

Laminating involves combining several materials to produce packaging that can take the punishment of modern life. Products that can be consumed "on the go", practical packaging that guarantees a long shelf life: these are the expectations of today's consumers. Our expertise and know-how in laminating mean that we are ideally placed to meet those expectations.



·         Lamination with solvent-based or solvent-free adhesives

·         Wax lamination

·         High barrier properties

·         Improved packaging strength


Laminated films for products that require high barrier properties and laminated papers for a more traditional, eco-responsible look: our laminates range protects and keeps your products safe.


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