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Flexible packaging by BBC CELLPACK Packaging

We are preparing your future packaging innovations. Are you ready? 

Our people are committed to developing products that meet the expectations and needs of each market. 

Packaging solutions that pack a punch.

BBC CELLPACK Packaging is a pioneer in flexible, recyclable and sustainable packaging. In fact, all our packaging ranges are specially designed to meet all the market requirements for sustainability and recyclability. 


A packaging solution that’s multifunctional, recyclable AND sustainable? That's the challenge our CELLPACK green range is designed to win! These are products that meet every one of the European Commission's requirements on plastic packaging recycling for 2030, and they are designed to promote the circular economy. Tomorrow’s products available today, alongside our conventional ranges.


Responsible sourcing 

Choosing the right suppliers has been an integral part of our green range development process. Our trusted partners are part of the local economic fabric: we prioritise suppliers in the French-German-Swiss 3-borders area, and then in other European countries.


Good for customers,
Good for consumers,
Good for the environment!


BBC CELLPACK Packaging – Packaging for a better future.