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BBC Cellpack Packaging  papers

Back to our roots with BBC CELLPACK Packaging's paper range. 

Nature and technology come together to produce quality packaging. 

BBC Cellpack Packaging Papers

As expert paper processors, we buy and process this noble material ethically and sustainably. Our expertise in coating processes means we are able to deliver solutions for the cheese and confectionery industries. 


Advantages of BBC Cellpack Packaging papers: 

·         Protection of the products

·         Barrier properties

·         Food-safe inks

·         Non-stick 

·         Malleable paper, can be twisted and folded without breaking


Coated papers are suitable for wrapping soft-ripened cheeses such as Camembert, Brie or goat's cheese logs. Our process, which involves laminating a polypropylene film onto coated paper, produces a wrapper that allows cheese to age inside it. This means it can develop its flavours while remaining fully protected, thereby extending its shelf life. And with the protection of the planet in mind, the paper and the film can easily be separated for waste sorting.

Family packs, professional packs or individual portions: there's a wrapper for every type of cheese!


Our range of coated papers also includes a line dedicated to confectionery. Our twisted and folded wrappers are suitable for hard sweets, chews, chewing gum, toffees and chocolate. An ideal alternative to plastic solutions, paper wrappers give sweets a natural, traditional look. A clever twist? Food-safe inks provide the option of adding a message for the consumer on the inside of the wrapper!


 Learn about our expertise and our other products & and contact us for any questions!​​​​​​​

CELLWax: Bio-based and vegetable wax coated paper 


Discover CELLWax, our bio-sourced coated paper range! Vegetable waxed FSC-certified paper: this smart product is good for the planet. Not only is this packaging eco-designed, it's also recyclable. 


CELLWax product benefits: 

·         Recyclable

·         Bio-based

·         Barrier properties

·         FSC-certified paper

·         Vegetable wax


An environmentally friendly product designed to protect both the product and the consumer's health.

 CELLWax on video? It's over here!

Good for the environment,
Good for customers,
Good for consumers!


BBC CELLPACK Packaging – Packaging for a better future.