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Cushioned packaging for chocolates

Protection & Presentation: the packaging really counts!

We are happy to advise you on all questions around packaging: which material to use, what shape it should be, which protective film to use and whether or not cushion pads are required. Together with you, we create the ideal, tailor-made and appropriate packaging solution for your chocolate products. 

Your Packaging Specialists for the Chocolate Industry

Taste and Appearance – the packaging really counts!

Pouch, mono film, laminate film, flow pack, mini flow pack, laminated aluminium or cushion pads – we can offer a whole range of packaging solutions specifically designed for the chocolate industry. 

Paper and aluminium laminates to package chocolates

Our Portfolio

Gravure printing up to 10 colours and flexo printing up to 8 colours

  • Wax laminated, aluminium / paper for chocolate bars and chocolate bouchées
  • Wax laminate, aluminium / paper for chocolates-„Rochers“
  • Over strips: printed and wax coated twist paper with wax laminated and printed aluminium strips
  • Under strips: printed twist films with wax laminated aluminium strips
  • Specific mono films for chocolate bars
  • Laminates from OPP/OPP, PET/PE or PET/OPP with print and if requested, with a metallic effect
  • Laminate aluminium 8µ/ paper 20 g/m² for chewy sweet packaging
  • Cushion pads made out of white or brown paper with either 3, 5, 7 or 9 layers in different shapes

Do you have any questions? We are here to answer your questions and look forward to your call!