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The packaging portfolio from Cellpack packaging

Package your products using one of our many packaging solutions!

From technical project consultancy, through to production and delivery of your final product, we collaborate with you to create the best packaging solution for your products. Do you value environmentally friendly packaging? We can also offer you the appropriate solution to meet these requirements.

Your Specialist in converting Flexible Packaging for Food and Non-food

Packaging Solutions: Standardised or Individual

Are you looking for a packaging solution to optimally protect and promote your product? Whether confectionery, chocolate, dairy products, meat and sausage, fresh produce, toiletries and household products or industrial products: our packaging is made to meet your needs. It is safe, keeps the flavour in, robust, transport-ready and environmentally friendly: convenient packaging starts with Cellpack. 

  • Confectionery

    Fantastic packaging makes pastries, confectionery and chocolate even more enticing! We can...

  • Chocolate

    Chocolates are always popular and usually the way to chocolate goes through the packaging,...

  • Dairy Products

    Whether hard- or soft cheese: we develop flexible packaging such as cheese paper, vacuum-...

  • Meat and Sausages

    Laminated foils or vacuum packaging: we have a wide range of flexible packaging solutions...

  • Fresh Food

    Fresh, robust, safe, hygienic: we understand the demands customers have regarding food...

  • Home and Personal Care

    Certified packaging for sensitive products such as medication or cosmetic goods: we...

  • Other Food Products

    We develop the appropriate packaging for your goods whether they are cakes or crisps, food...

  • Industrial Packaging

    We develop flexible packaging solutions for industrial use. Which products can we package...