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Flowpack - for fresh produce

You produce fresh food whilst we manufacture the perfect packaging

We design the optimal packaging with advertising appeal for your produce and we bring your project to life with technical project consultancy, printing, laminating and perforating the chosen material right through to delivering the final product. 

Converting of Flexible Packaging Solutions for the Fresh Food Industry

Fresh Food Packaging - Inside and Outside!

Pouch, flow pack, perforated mono- and laminated film and microwaveable packaging: we have smart packaging ideas for your fruit, vegetable and frozen products

Self-standing pouches with microperforation to keep products fresh

Overview Portfolio

  • Gravure printing in to 10 colours and flexo printing up to 8 colours
  • Heat sealed and microperforated mono materials or lamination for the optimal preservation of fresh produce
  • PET/PE or PE/OPA/PE laminates to cook frozen vegetables in a microwave
  • PET/Alu/PE, OPP/PE or OPA/PE laminates for packaging all types of frozen products.

Do you have any particular questions or can we help you with your project? Then please do not hesitate to call us. We look forward to hearing from you!