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Food products, confectionery

Packaging Solutions from Cellpack: beautiful packaging makes it is twice as tasty!

You have invested time and care into developing your confectionery of wonderful tasting pastries, juicy sweets and melt-in-your-mouth chocolates. These small delights now deserve to be presented in an aesthetically pleasing way with our confectionery packaging. 

Converting Confectionery Packaging as Appealing as Confectionery Itself!

Confectionery Packaging: Safe, Protected and Tempting!

Pouch, flow pack, mini flow pack, tattoo, printed paper, mono films, laminates coated with heat-sealed wax or paraffin, mineral- or plant-based wax, one-or double sided: we offer a wide range of packaging options for the confectionery industry. 

Flexible and colourful packaging for confectionery

Colourful Prints with your Brand: Our Services

We offer a complete portfolio of packaging solutions:

Gravure printing up to 10 colours and flexo printing up to 8 colours.

  • Wax laminated paper for sweet wrappers
  • Over strips: printed and wax-coated twist paper with wax laminated and printed aluminium strips
  • Under strips: printed twist films, wax laminated with aluminium strips
  • Heat-sealed, wax coated paper packaging for chewing gum and chewy sweets
  • Transparent or metallic twist films: cellophane and PET
  • OPP/OPP, PET/PE or PET/OPP laminates with print and if required, with a metallic intermediate layer
  • Aluminium laminate 8µ/tissue paper 20 g/m² for chewy sweet packaging
  • Triplex laminate, aluminium / calendered paper / white PE for sweet labels in a roll
  • Tattoos: paper with PE extrusion, printed for dry transfer, laminated on silicone paper

Our entire range ensures that your products are safely packaged and ideally presented using an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

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