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Paper cushioned pads for chocolates

Package your chocolates with protective cushion pad that fit perfectly

From technical project consultancy, printing, lamination with your logo or motif, through to the delivery of your final product, we can ensure that your chocolates are not only suitably but also safely packaged.

Cushion pad: customisable and environmentally friendly solutions

Cushion pad

Are you looking for a packaging solution that protects your chocolates perfectly and has fantastic advertising appeal?

In collaboration with you, we create the ideal packaging solution for chocolate products. We offer a wide variety of standard shapes based on paper or plastic and all can be designed to meet specific product needs. Our products are perfect for the chocolate industry but we also develop market-standard packaging for other sectors.  

Paper cushioned pads in a variety of forms

Cushion pad Packaging

Discover our wide range of Cushion pad products!Standard Products: our cushion pad are manufactured out of white or brown paper.

Print: we print your logo, motif or brand name (continuous or made to fit) in up to 10 colours alongside standard designs (Arabeske“)

The cushion pad can be manufactured in 3, 5, 7 and 9 layers

Surface: the top layer can be made out of paper or PP (transparent, white or metallic) to make your product really stand out.

Shapes: we can manufacture the pads in different shapes such as a clover, a heart or individually created designs.

With our complete portfolio, you can present your products beautifully, using environmentally friendly packaging.

Our cushion pad can also be used in different sectors, for different products such as biscuits or fresh produce.

If you have any particular questions regarding your project, please do not hesitate to call us. We look forward to hearing from you!