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The packaging portfolio from Cellpack Packaging

Packaging Solutions for Your Products: attractive, handy and safe.

From technical project consultancy to the production and delivery of the final product: we are your reliable and flexible partner for optimal presentation and packaging of your goods. 

Flexible Packaging and Cushion Pads

Packaging Solutions

Are you looking for packaging solutions to optimally protect and present your products? We are here for you!

Printed, laminated, perforated or embossed materials such as paper, plastic foils, aluminium foils, mono foils and laminates: our packaging can be customised and adapted to suit your product needs. Convenient Packaging from Cellpack!

  • Cushion pads

    Cushion pad packaging for the chocolate industry: BBC Cellpack Packaging are happy to...

  • Stand-up pouches

    Convenient Packaging for your Products. Whether it is a stand up pouch with a euro hole,...

  • Laminates

    We manufacture flow pack packaging, transparent film- and laminated packaging!

  • Waxed Paper

    BBC Cellpack Packaging manufactures wax-coated paper for your products. You can benefit...

  • Paper Laminates

    Paper Packaging: deadfold, machine ability and permeable to water vapour. The ideal...

  • Aluminium Lamination

    Aluminium paper safely protects the flavours of confectionery and chocolate. Let us...