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Responsible beauty!

Responsible beauty, or how recyclability is coming to the cosmetics market!


Nowadays everyone is impacted by sustainable development and environmental issues. Bio products, local products, products packaged with recycled and recyclable materials, are more and more present on the supermarket shelves.


All industries are facing the questions of recyclability, eco-design and eco-friendliness. Whether in the food sector, with the rise of organic and local consumption, or in the clothing sector with the emergence of clothing made from recycled materials. Offering products that respect the planet has become a deciding criteria for the consumer.


This trend is also influencing the cosmetics sector. Since 2020, many brands have taken the step towards solid cosmetics, especially for shampoos, hair conditioners and deodorants. With consumers becoming increasingly demanding in terms of the environment, another trend has emerged: the Ecorecharge. This consumption and packaging method has been developed for several types of products: lipstick, deodorant, perfume, make-up palette, shampoo, soap, body milk, micellar water, face cream, etc.


 We have been an actor -in this green revolution since 2018 when we launched our CELLPouch Fruity, our first recyclable pouch packaging for the food sector. Since then, our CELLPouch range has grown constantly and now we're back on the market with our new recyclable pouch, our CELLPouch Beauty!




Designed for the cosmetics market, our recyclable stand-up pouch is perfectly suited for eco-refills of soap, shampoo, hair conditioner and other cosmetic liquids. With CELLPouch Beauty, we bring responsible consumption into your bathroom. Recyclable, made from a mono material, light and practical, our cosmetic pouch will meet the expectations of your consumers.


What's more? It is also suitable for the home care sector: detergents, softeners, floor and window care products. Our CELLPouch Beauty is the responsible partner for home care. Various formats are available to make our pouch fit in with consumers' daily lives.


Would you like to know more about our new recyclable innovation?


Then have a look at our pouch page in our website!