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Recyclability at the heart of our packaging!

Packagings are essential to guarantee the conservation of food products and therefore limit food waste. So it's just as well that all these packaging are recyclable and good for the environment, right?


At BBC CELLPACK Packaging, this is the case! Our product ranges are constantly growing and evolving by integrating eco-design. The goal is to support you in the transition to a circular economy through better recyclability of our packaging. Today, all our flexible packaging innovations are recyclable:


  • CELLPouch, our recyclable range for pouch packaging
  • CELLNat, our recyclable range for paper packaging
  • CELLRoll, our recyclable range for film laminate
  • CELLPads, our recyclable range for cushion pads


Each range has several types of recyclable packaging solutions that can be customised to your specifications, your needs and those of your customers. Sustainable development is at the heart of our company and it is within this framework that we develop and create our packaging: with respect for the environment!




CELLPouch, recyclable & sustainable pouches


CELLPouch is our range of monomaterial bags designed for the circular economy. Ultrasonic sealing, high barrier properties, closure by caps or zips, different shapes and sizes, for food, cosmetics or household products; our CELLPouch packaging will meet your expectations!





CELLNat, recyclable & responsible papers


CELLNat is our range of paper packaging. From cheese paper and confectionery to dry goods, as well as soap and everyday items, all sectors are concerned. Barrier properties, sealing properties, folding or twisting, vegetable coating, inks suitable for food contact, everything is possible with CELLNat.





CELLRoll, recyclable & eco-designed film laminates


CELLRoll is our range of film laminate packaging. Designed with less plastic, high barrier properties, available in reels for lidding film or bags: this is all advantages that our CELLRoll range has, for savoury products, for sweet products or for all non-food products which need to be packaged.





CELLPads, recyclable & environmentally friendly cushion pads


CELLPads is our range of cushion pads, these small paper mattresses that protect your products in their box. Customisable by excellence, our CELLPads can be pre-cut, foldable, pre-shaped and/or printed with inks suitable for food contact. Your consumers will be positively surprised and you will have done something good for the planet by using paper padding to protect products in an environmentally friendly way.





Did a product catch your eye? Maybe even several products might interest you? Then do not hesitate and write to us! We will organise together an innovation meeting, to find you the best recyclable packaging solution adapted to your needs!


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