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Our Research for the future

The 7th continent, we have all heard about it at least once. This sea of floating waste, the result of human activity, is an ecological disaster for humanity and our planet. By 2050, if we don't act to change the trend, there will be, according to Greenpeace, more plastic than fish in our oceans.


In this context, it is essential for us, as packaging manufacturers, to find solutions to preserve our oceans, rivers, forests, meadows, mountains and all wildlife. With this in mind, we have been committed since 2018 to a sustainable development approach and the creation of a circular economy for flexible packaging. As a member of the CEFLEX organization, imagining, designing and developing packaging that is no longer waste but raw materials is our vision for the future.


Today, major trends are revolutionising the packaging sector: urbanisation, digitalisation, e-commerce, customisation, sustainable development, these societal changes are creating new opportunities and challenges for packaging producers.




A Challenge: Packaging Sustainability!


Eco-designed, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable, here are all the new dynamics that tomorrow's packaging must meet and that market players must face today.


According to a survey by Pro Carton, nearly 60% of respondents say they change brands because of environmental issues or the recyclability of packaging. It is in this dynamic that we have created our latest recyclable packaging solutions, CELLPouch, CELLWax and CELLRoll, and that we continue to develop our next innovations.


Being on the alert for trends, new raw materials and new manufacturing processes is the challenge of our research and development teams.  


In 2020, our CELLPouch range will be extended with the arrival of a large-format single-material pouch dedicated to dry products. With its optional handle, it is ideal for transporting all types of packaged confectionery, chocolate or dry biscuits. In 2021, we will go even further with the arrival of the eco refill in 500ml format. This packaging, in addition to encouraging the reuse of rigid cosmetic bottles, will also be recyclable. A win-win deal for the planet and the consumer.


Also in 2021, our challenge will be to eliminate aluminium from our paper / aluminium packaging. Stopping this product line is a business strategy, but at the same time, it will help our customers achieve their own sustainable development goals and support them in their transition towards a circular economy. And alternatives are already possible today!



And tomorrow? Eco-responsible raw materials


The use of ecological, bio-sourced, recycled or responsibly produced raw materials has become an important criterion for consumers according to numerous studies by Mintel and Euromonitor.


Paper is one of these raw materials that is on the rise. With it, consumers are promoting a return to natural, essential, simple and environmentally friendly products. In France, paper packaging is considered recyclable when it contains more than 50% paper. We are developing paper packaging - always made of FSC paper - with an 80% paper content, so that our packaging is recyclable in France, but also in other European countries where this rate is higher. Not forgetting our cushion pads, a 100% paper chocolate box padding which offers new opportunities to replace plastic pads.


We are continuing our research into new possible applications for paper packaging, as we are convinced that new facets will emerge in the coming years.


Every step forward in safeguarding and protecting our environment is a success and a step forward for a more responsible world. Having a healthy and eco-responsible production is a mission that is close to our hearts. Our research and development department has adopted an innovative strategy to be at the forefront of the latest packaging trends. Green innovation is our ambition for our future packaging solutions to be in line with our values and the expectations of our customers and consumers. All our current and future research is always in line with our primary objective: to develop packaging that is good for the environment, good for customers and good for consumers.




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