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New option for CELLNat Crunchy!

« Let's get off the beaten track,

the grass never grows on the road where everyone passes.»


To innovate, you have to leave your comfort zone, dare to see bigger and further; this is the key to success and entrepreneurship. We have been applying this way of thinking for several years now. In start-up mode, inter-service projects, mixing ideas in order to find innovative and different packaging solutions, always in line with sustainable development.


Today, in exclusivity, we decided to tell you about our new packaging development project. Are you ready for a green revolution?


Our CELLNat Crunchy paper packaging range, suitable for dry products, will have a brand new option. Today this product is available in FSC paper, and tomorrow you will have the possibility to have our product with... grass paper. Yes, grass!



This natural resource grows and regrows continuously. Grass is renewable by excellence. The meadows and fields around us bear witness to this throughout the year. So why not use it in the design of our packaging? This is the challenge we want to take up today!


 « Healthy packaging for healthy products. »




Grass paper is made from grass pellets and wood fibres. The combination of these two elements gives the paper a level of strength while combining renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials. Grass paper has important environmental benefits:


  • Raw materials savings: Grass-based paper is an alternative to traditional paper and reduces the demand for wood. Grass waste, previously composted or burned, can now have a second life as it is converted into pellets to make paper.
  • A quickly renewable raw material: Grass grows almost everywhere and can be harvested/mown several times a year. Therefore, grass can be classified as a fast renewable raw material.
  • Energy savings: The production of grass-based paper reduces CO2 emissions because of the short distances between the mown grass and the processing plants. It also uses up to 50% less water than traditional paper, according to the inventor of grass-based paper.



Now we are taking part in the new adventure of grass-based paper packaging. Our teams are currently working on the development of this packaging with the aim of finding an ideal solution that combines grass-based paper, barrier properties, technical properties and recyclability.


If you want to be among the first to offer this green packaging to your customers, now is the time to contact us!  


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