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Milky Way for CELLPouch Fruity!

Milky Way for CELLPouch Fruity!


You already knew about our recyclable pouch for fruit compotes and purees? Well, did you know that it is also suitable for dairy products? A milky way for our CELLPouch Fruity, where yoghurt, cottage cheese and cream desserts are pocketed everywhere.


A handy format to take with you!


At home or outside, our pouches are ideal to delight the whole family during meals. Whether it's for babies discovering new tastes, for children having a snack at school break or for adults during their lunch time and while travelling, the pouch format is an ally in daily life.


Thanks to its high barrier properties, its high resistance properties and its ultrasonic sealing technology, our CELLPouch Fruity guarantees protection for your products. Practical, our milk pouches are reclosable and easy to carry everywhere.


 Sizes to suit all tastes!


Small, medium or larger hunger, we have several sizes of CELLPouch Fruity to satisfy your tastes: 90g, 100g and 110g. A size for every occasion: animal or vegetable milk, fruit compote or vegetable purée, all recipes are possible.



Dairy rhymes with sustainability!


CELLPouch Fruity is certified recyclable by Circpack.Suez. With dairy products or fruit compotes, our pouch has been designed for a circular economy. Packing your products in packagings that are healthy for the planet and guarantee sustainable development, that's the way we see things. It is important to us to offer packaging that is good for our customers, good for the consumers and good for the environment.