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NEW! CELLPouch ® Sweety, our new recyclable pouch!

The CELLPouch® range is growing!


Stand-Up Pouches are known for their modernity and durability 

With our CELLPouch® range, we go even further!


Have you heard about "sugar bashing"? It is a phenomenon that the confectionery sector is facing. Consumers want to eat healthy, with natural products, packaged in eco-friendly materials. This is a real challenge for the actors in this sector because they must renew and innovate to meet the new consumer expectations. 


With our new CELLPouch® Sweety, we help you meet the challenge!


CELLPouch ® Sweety,

a 100% recyclable stand-up pouch.


Practical and light, it fits the lifestyle of today's consumers. CELLPouch® Sweety is suitable for sweet and dry products and its advantages will satisfy your expectations and those of your consumers in terms of packaging. 


Its advantages:


  • Recyclable due to its monomaterial structure 
  • Easy opening
  • Easy to carry thanks to its handle
  • Protects your products from moisture, light and oxygen
  • A ZIP to extend gourmet pleasures
  • A suitable format for shareable delicacies
  • Your products are highlighted thanks to our high-quality rotogravure printing


CELLPouch Sweety,  the recyclable pouch for sweets and other treats! 


Our current and future research is always in line with our main objective: 

to develop packaging which is

Good for the environment, 

Good for customers and

Good for consumers.



Discover our commitments to the planet!

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