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COV recycling plant

Protecting the Environment: a steadfast component of our company philosophy

We work continuously on new solutions and optimisation possibilities to reduce the use of resources in our company. Recycling manufacturing waste and advancing production methods to reduce waste as well as developing environmentally friendly packaging are all top priority.

Environment, Energy and Sustainability

Active Environmental Protection: Our Measures

Converting paper-, foil/plastic- and aluminium create large amounts of waste, which is why we pay particular attention to measurements and subsequent improvements in this area.

Within the scope of our companys internal environmental policy, we pay particular attention to:

  • Reusing solvents
  • Recycling energy to heat our production facilities
  • Developing compostable and biologically degradable packaging materials from raw materials

The environmentally friendly work means not only to simply comply with current EU-Environmental guidelines but to also actively develop new models and improvements for the benefit of the environment.

Sustainable Resources

We don’t just talk about our principles - we live and breathe them!

Environment and Energy!

BBC Cellpack Packaging is extremely aware of the environmental responsibilities that come with being one of the leading packaging companies.

The following principles are wholly supported:

Reduce Impact on the Environment and Use of Resources

Resources in any shape or form, including water and energy should be conserved, whether through processes such as modifications to production-, commissioning- and operating processes or replacing, conserving, recycling or reusing materials.

We are aware that our business impacts the environment, which is why it is our duty to reduce this impact and energy use to a minimum, as far as is possible within the scope of economic and technical frameworks and through well-thought out processes.

Improving Quality-, Environmental- and Energy Performance

Our goal is to continuously improve our quality-, environmental and energy performance as well as work safety and health protection. The executive management board regularly checks the suitability, the appropriateness and effectiveness of the management system by evaluating company processes and by evaluating the results of internal and external audits. The board also monitor how the company the level of fulfilment of underlying standards and guidelines. We make all necessary resources available to fulfil our company goals and implement the company’s policies.

Improving Energy Performance

Improvements are made in the following areas, if it is harmonise profitable manufacturing and sustainable environmental protection:

  • energy performance in collaboration with energy usage
  • energy usage and energy efficiency as well as avoiding or reducing environmental impact.


Sustainability is a guiding principle on how to use resources whereby the conservation of important properties, the stability and natural regenerative capability of the respective system is paramount.

BBC Cellpack Packaging understands the necessity of thinking and working in a sustainable way. Sustainability is a fundamental part of our business practice and we are working towards a defined product strategy with the aid of process goals.