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Experts for your Tailor-
Made Packaging Solution

BBC Cellpack Packaging is part of the Swiss consortium, Behr Bircher Cellpack (BBC Group). We have manufactured and printed approximately 15,000 tons of flexible packaging material per business year over the past 80 years at our sites in France, Germany and Switzerland. 

For over 80 years: packaging for companies worldwide!

Our Story

1935 Founding of Cellpack AG in Wohlen/CH

1995 Initial certification ISO 9001

2001 Transfer of Cellpack AG in Villmergen/CH

2003 Founding of Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Holding AG

2003 Integration of Lauterecken Lony/D in Cellpack

2004 Initial certification BRC/IoP

2008 Merger of Cellpack AG and CFS Illfurth/F

Former manufacturing site