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Wax laminating equipment

Coating Technologies from
Packaging Professionals!

From technical project consultancy, to printing and wax coating through to the delivery, we develop, in collaboration with you, the perfect packaging solution for your goods. 

Specialists in Wax Coated Packaging

Coated Packaging: Flexible Solutions

Printed-paper, coated with hot sealing-, mineral – or plant wax or paraffin, one- or two-sided and with perfectly matched wax weight. We have a whole range of packaging material for optimal storage and presentation of your products. 

Wax lamination of aluminium strips

Our Portfolio

We can print your motifs using gravure printing up to 10 colours or flexo printing up to 8 colours.

We can coat many different materials: twist papers, calendered paper or coated paper from 30 to 90 g/m².

We have a complete range of waxes on offer for every use:

Mineral or plant paraffin for sweets wrappers

  • Protective waxes for soft cheese, which regulates water vapour permeability optimally thus allowing the cheese to mature perfectly
  • Hot-sealing waxes and hot melt to heat-seal packaging for sweets, chewing gum and soap.

We also specialise in anti-stick and shiny wax coatings.

If you have any particular questions regarding packaging, please do not hesitate to call us. We look forward to hearing from you!