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Microperforation equipment

Package your fresh produce using our perforated packaging solutions

From technical project consultancy, to printing, laminating and perforating the chosen material through to delivery, we will find the perfect solution to meet your packaging needs. 

Our perforation technology and the permeability checks on our packaging ensure an optimal shelf life for your products.

Microperforation Technology

Whether perforated pouches, flow pack, foil lids or laminates, we have a whole range of packaging solutions on offer that will optimise and improve the shelf life of your products. 

Self-standing pouches with perforation

Perforation Technology: Service Overview

We have a complete portfolio of perforated packaging solutions:

  • Gravure printing up to 10 colours and flexo printing up to 8 colours
  • Pouches, mono material or laminates for packaging and optimal shelf life of soft cheese, fruit, vegetables or sausages.
  • Microperforation allows for very precise control of water vapour- and oxygen permeability and as a result an increase in the shelf life of the product
  • Our microperforation technology is invisible, can fully cover a surface or be zone-specific
  • Microperforation can also be used as a tear tab aid or tear tab to open packaging (for example, tea bags)

If you have any particular questions regarding packaging, please do not hesitate to call us. We look forward to hearing from you!