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Laminating equipment

Perfectly Binding
Different Materials Together

Safe packaging requires binding the individual packaging components perfectly together. We have the technology to laminate and coat your product packaging. 

Experts in Lamination

Adhesive Bonding Guarantees Secure the Product Packaging

Solvent-based, solvent-free-, strip- or wax lamination: we have a variety of profiles for you to choose from, tailor-made for specific and individual product requirements. 

Laminating equipment

Optimally Protect Your Products with our Laminated Packaging

Our portfolio:

  • Manufacturing of duplex- or multi-layered laminates made out of plastic films (OPP, PET, PE, OPA), aluminium or paper
  • Glue strip lamination for food and non-food goods
  • Cushion pads for the praline- and chocolate industry
  • Wax laminated aluminium/paper or paper/paper
  • Wax strip lamination – manufacturing of over- and under strips.

If you have any particular questions please do not hesitate to call us. We look forward to hearing from you!